HMO dressing – Doncaster, South Yorkshire

We loved a new client getting in contact after receiving a recommendation from someone who follows our work on social media!

This house of multiple occupancy (HMO) is close to the centre of Doncaster, a popular area for HMO’s and as such needed to standout from the local competition.  This was our clients first HMO and they wanted to make sure the rooms and property were presented in its best possible light for a number of reasons…..

The design process – 

We assess the local HMO market to assess the styles and dressing of the local competition – we want our client’s rooms to standout not just because of the contrasting colours and different textures we use but also because they look different!   When doing our research of the local area many rooms were dark, plain and undressed with mismatched furniture….hardly appealing.

We make sure every room is different whilst maintaining a flow within the property.   Our pet hate is every room being dressed with the same cushions, throws and plant!

We dress the rooms taking into consideration the target audience while taking into consideration which colours and items will create striking and balanced photographs.

AND we always iron the bed………nothing worse than a crinkled and badly made bed which looks like someone is living in it!  

Here are some of the photographs and we were so pleased our client is delighted with the results!

Here’s an example of a before and after……

Here’s a selection of photographs from the other rooms…..