Nottingham Landlord

Nottingham Landlord: Three-bedroomed family home

DateOctober 2015
Value before£225,000
Value after£265,000

Prior to Staging

This three-bedroomed family home was tired and unwelcoming. The owner purchased it as an investment property. He wanted to appeal to executive families.

Work Undertaken

The project involved reconfiguration; creating a fantastic open-plan living space at the rear of the property, ideally suited for contemporary family living. Additional work involved lightening the walls and woodwork in the hallway, creating a storage cupboard under the stairs. The use of mirror, chandelier and radiator cover gave the hallway a real ‘wow factor’ upon entering the house. Finally, an enclosed lounge was created, perfect for adult ‘down time’ after a strenuous working day.

After Staging

The property had been purchased for £225,000. After all the work was done and the property was staged for would-be tenants, the house has since been let out and the owner received a valuation of £265,000.