Welcome to VMRHomeStaging

Welcome to the ‘VMRHomeStaging’ website. To give you a bit of background, my name is Victoria Rodgers and for as long as I can remember, I have loved property in general and more specifically interior design and in simple terms, making homes look beautiful! Over the past few years, I have helped out friends and family with redesigning their homes and over time began to see the opportunities to develop a business doing something I love.

I realised that I wanted to use my experience, knowledge and skills in home staging and home-styling to develop my own business and at the same time, assist people to achieve their aims in terms of selling, renting their specific properties or simply to enhance existing property assets. I didn’t want my interests in home-staging and home-styling to simply be a hobby or a sideline. It was time to get serious and take the plunge into setting up my own business.

The journey of transforming VMRHomestaging from an idea over a glass of wine to a real business began and since then, to be very honest, my feet haven’t touched the ground! Together with my husband, Peter, who has given me excellent advice in terms of business strategy and implementation (and even the odd insightful comment on interior design schemes!!), we have thoroughly enjoyed getting the business off the ground.

My initial projects at VMR HomeStaging I have placed into the ‘Portfolio’ section of the website. See what you think and by all means let me know your thoughts!

Have a look around the website and please get in touch if you have any questions.